No Bark Collar for Bark Control

Product Features

  • High-quality Electronic Anti-Bark Dog Collar and Sends harmless warning beep and shock to the dog whenever it barks. It meets the market-leading fully waterproof and rechargeable no-bark dog training collar.
  • They are easy to contorl and optimized to work easy and hassle free for you. Features a separate intensity and sensitivity adjustment dial with 6 correction levels. 6 sensitivity levels adjustable for the different size of dogs barking through the "1" to "T" button.
  • Long-lasting battery. NOW features a longer-lasting, rechargeable lithium ion battery with in-built power saving. Serves you longer with less frequent visits to the power outlet.
  • Black belt collar adjusts from 3" to 13" to fit any breed of small, medium & large dogs . The quick and effective smart device keeping a quiet environment. New Generation No Bark Control Collar is high quality and easy to use to stop dog from barking.
  • Comes with a instruction explains how to successfully train your dog. This can be a perfect gift for your furry friends. 100% Satisfaction and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee!
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Product Description

Main Features:

Vibration Mode (V) warning prior to the stimulation.
4 intensity levels (2-5) for a wide variety of dispositions.
6 Sensitivity levels (1-T) adjustable for different dogs and environments.
Easy testing method to check the NO Bark Collar.
Waterproof and Rechargeable.
Multi-color LED. Battery life indicator.

ON-OFF & Intensity Dial

This Dial is to turn the Device on/off and select the intensity level of stimulation.
“OFF” position is to turn off the device.
Level V- the device will vibrate only.
Level 2 is the lowest electrical stimulation and Level 5 is the highest.
From Level 2 to Level 5, the device will all vibrate first and then follow by electrical stimulation.

Sensitivity Dial

The Sensitivity Dial is to adjust the sensitivity to the Dog Bark according to the environments the dog is in.
Level T is the most sensitivity and Level 1 is the weakest.
When testing the device, set it to the Level T.


1. Turn the device on by turning OFF & Intensity dial and set to the V mode.
2. Set the Sensitivity Dial to the “T” Level.
3. Test by scratching the rough surface of the test tool on the device (as you seen in the manual) using a fingernail or pen. The device will emit a vibration for 1.5 seconds. Then repeat the same process if you want to try it again.


1. When the NO Bark Collar emits a vibration, a stimulation is not emitted at the same time.
2. When you set the dial on the TEST level, it may be sensitive enough that the No Bark Collar can be actived easily by small sound or tap.

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